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Peter A. Bradley attended the Society of Arts and Crafts in Detroit and later Yale University. He has taught at Franconia College, New Hampshire. His professional experiences include Director of the Alexander Workshop, South Africa; Associate Director of the Perls Gallery, New York; Workshop leader for African artists, FUBA-UKSSALEP-J.A.F., Johannesburg, South Africa; Artist in Residence, Syracuse University, New York. Bradley has been represented by the Alexander Calder collection for Perls Gallery and has been employed by the Guggenheim Museum. The DeMenil family commissioned Bradley to create the exhibit and catalogue, The Deluxe Show.

Over the last thirty years, Peter Bradley has exhibited his paintings and sculptures at numerous shows, including The Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial (1972-73) and at the Gallery Hirondelle in New York City (1984). His work is in the permanent collections of a number of museums and galleries, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, as well as the Johannesburg Art Foundation in South Africa and the Industrial Bank of Japan in Hong Kong. He has been awarded the following grants and awards: The Pollack Krasner Award, The Andy Warhol Foundation Exhibition Grant, The United States-South Africa Leader Exchange Program funding, The National Endowment for the Arts, and an invitational residency at the Clayworks Studio Workshop.


Untitled 1, Johannesburg, South Africa
Untitled 2, Johannesburg, South Africa
Untitled 3, Johannesburg, South Africa