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The Sculpture selections this issue represent seemingly opposite ends of the creative spectrum: Francis Hines fabric installations have the heroic proportions (and, occasionally, the actual forms) of monumental Beaux-Arts landmarks, while the collaboration between Billy Klüver and Andy Warhol exists as a series of "clouds"-- sparkling, ephemeral creations which float untrammeled in the air. Ironically, Hines' projects are usually dismantled after a set period of time while the Klüver/Warhol piece exists as a permanent part of the Warhol Museum collection--where it is a particular favorite with child visitors. Mixing child-like whimsy with mythical atavism, Charles Henri Ford refers to both personal infancy and the heroic past. The self continually creates both disposable verities and perpetual pop.

artist pic Featured Artists:

 Francis Hines
 Charles Henri Ford
 Janet Goldner
 Billy Klüver/Andy Warhol