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This issue's Painting selections reflect various artists' struggles to redefine their own individual relationship to the art forms of their homelands. Aziz's beaded and textured canvases depict figures in direct development of North African traditional anesthetics. Yun Fei-Ji's work also relates to the traditional forms of his native culture, China, but spikes them with pointed doses of satire. Nina Kuo, like Fei-Ji, merges ancient Chinese images with modern disposable goods, exploring the same conundrum from her position as a Chinese-American. David Koloane's work represents the nascent sophistication of South African abstraction, rendering experience in universal terms. Samaj's works, conversely, suggest the concerns of personal identity breaking through the abstract curtain.

artist pic Featured Artists:

 Yun-Fei Ji
 David Koloane
 Nina Kuo
 Phyllis Segura