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Rainer Bolm | Doughba Hamilton Caranda-Martin III | Gerard Malanga
Nita Mallory Renfrew | Don Snyder

Photographer Rainer Bolm makes his home in Bastad, Sweden. The pictures shown in this issue of PATH are part of a series which were taken during a Hindu fire ceremony in South India in 1999. The "Yagna Fires' are part of a complex transcendental ritual in which items such as fragarant oils and flowers are offered to a fire to provide susteniance for the Devas, spirits who serve the Goddess Amma and her Celestial Administration. Bolm intends to display the pictures as 7-foot high enlarged prints; this project is still underway. From 1989 to 1995, Bolm wasthe Photography Teacher at the Kulturama Cultural School. He currently works on a freelance basis. Current projects underway also include "Colorgrams--a love affair," which is influenced by the work of Man Ray.