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Rainer Bolm | Doughba Hamilton Caranda-Martin III | Gerard Malanga
Nita Mallory Renfrew | Don Snyder

biopic Liberian-born artist Doughba Hamilton Caranda-Martin III brings a unique vision to the subject of what it means to be African in America. He studied at the Konola Academy and the University of Liberia before fleeing his country to escape the perils of a civil war. After studying at the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography in New York, he has used his cross-cultural vision to bring an international perspective to the human condition. Dealing with subjects as universal as death and as controversial as race, Caranda-Martin challenges us to examine our own feelings about these emotionally charged issues. Through his training as a photographer, painter, and poet this young artist has reached deep into the collective soul of humankind to reveal his deepest emotions. Caranda-Martin uses a unique process to create his photographs. He employs darkroom techniques the way a painter does pigments. Among the devices he uses are chemical etching, photograms of x-rays and film, etched glass, silk ink transfer and liquid emulsions. He has been shown at several galleries and public spaces in New York, including The Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, and has received diverse notices, including a review in The New York Times.

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